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New Zealand's abundant supply of food is explained in Maori legend as a Gift from the Gods. Rangi the Sky father and Papa the Earth mother.

From Tane God of the forest, come the game birds of the forest, from Tangaroa seafood, from Haumia wild plants, and from Rongo cultivated vegetables.

The Traditional Style

One of the main methods of preparing food Maori style is Tao cooking - in the ground - which Maori call "Hangi".

This is labour intensive, a method involving skill and planning. Special stones are heated in a fire and placed in an earthen pit, with the food put on top. This is wrapped and covered with earth and left for several hours. The timing is a matter of skill and experience.

In the thermal areas around Rotorua region however, Maori use geothermal steam instead of traditional 'in the ground' cook methods.

Quick Service

The process over three to four hours cook time, required specialist skills. Food wrapped in cloth and buried in a earth covered pit, meant, one needed to be adequately skilled to determine the appropriate time to uplift the food.

So, we built our revolutionary oven with the unique taste of the Polynesian Hangi out their for you in the global marketplace, where we believe we are ahead of the market.

Consequently, a revolutionary Oven was conceived to bring the succulence and flavour of the Polynesian Hangi smartly into the 21st Century.

So it is, that once an ancient cook process, it is now available as a quick service commodity for the World to savour, out in the Global marketplace.

"HANGI" (Oven processed Style)

As there is hardly any additives in our cooking process and because cook times extend to three to four hours, the preservative qualities are long lasting without the loss of taste or flavour, and contributes to an extended shelf life beyond the span of other products

Low Fat, Low Salt, does not mean - No Taste !!